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Student & Near Campus Housing

Proposed Regulations for Short-term Rentals for Consultation


The short-term rental regulatory approach is premised on the following principles: permit people to rent their homes for short periods; minimize negative impacts on housing affordability and availability; enable greater diversity in tourism accommodations; maintain community stability, including in vertical communities; minimize nuisances; and create regulations and taxation systems that are fair and easy to follow for people and companies.

City of Toronto

CMHC: The Supply of and Demand for Off-Campus Student Housing


The construction of housing geared to students has ramped up since 2011, especially in the City of Waterloo. This construction was encouraged by the strong growth in enrolment at the city’s two universities between 2001 and 2010. However, construction of housing geared to students now outpaces the increase in enrolment, which has slowed. This report will delve into the supply of and the demand for off-campus student housing and look at whether the market is oversupplied.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Repurposing student housing to affordable housing and other housing opportunities forum.


The Waterloo Town and Gown Committee's 2015 student accommodations report showed there was a potential surplus of student housing in the City with additional units being proposed/constructed. With increased supply, some landlords are struggling to rent their accommodations especially student housing that is older and furthest from the post-secondary institutions. At the same time, there are individuals, organizations, and agencies that are in need of housing but there is not enough stock at the appropriate size or rent levels, especially affordable housing. This forum aimed to make the connection with community stakeholders about repurposing student housing stock to address this need in the community. Information and opportunities were presented at the forum.

City of Waterloo

Living Learning Communities Worksheet


University of Ottawa Housing Services

Ad Hoc Student Housing Working Group


The Town and Gown Committee: Student Housing Working Group and Supply-Demand Analysis Sub-Group have recently undertaken some student housing survey and supply-demand work. The Town and Gown Committee is sharing this information for the sole purposes of increasing knowledge and awareness of housing geared towards students in the City of Waterloo.

Waterloo local Town and Gown Committee

Waterloo Town and Gown Committee 2015 Student Accommodations Report


Waterloo Town and Gown Committee’s 2015 student accommodations report based on 2014 data

City of Waterloo

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