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Research Builds our Communities

October 12, 2016

A collection of stories showcasing the transformative impact of research on Canadians and their communities

Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Western president explores the many values of international education

September 20, 2016

“The intrinsic value of developing a broad world view through international education is self-evident,” writes Western University President Amit Chakma. The author highlights a number of strides the federal government has made to boost the role of international education in Canada, which include rebranding the country as an education destination, improving the Express Entry program, and renewing the country's commitment to study abroad. Chakma also takes time to remind readers that in addition to the country's ambitious targets, “what’s more important to consider is the philosophy behind the idea, along with the merits of pursuing such a policy more aggressively to better support the development of our future global citizens.” Chakma concludes with a discussion of the barriers currently faced by students looking to pursue study abroad and how institutions and governments might better address them.

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